Scattering Light Over Fields Of Uncertainty

“… [T]he prevalent sensation of oneself as a separate ego enclosed in a bag of skin is a hallucination which accords neither with Western science nor with the experimental philosophy-religions of the East.”  Alan Watts, The Book of Knowing Who You Really Are

Your first word was light.

It’s ironic that you grew up to wear such a dark costume. I guess it wasn’t a costume as much as it was a uniform. When you were home you wore a tee shirt and shorts with your flip-flops and your hair in a pony tail and you looked relaxed, friendly even. But when you went out you put on several layers of chains and your skull and cross bone ties, the all black button-down shirts, black pants, Fedora, knives in your pocket, and the face. You put on the face that said, “Don’t fuck with me.”

But I knew you.

It’s all about perspective. Isn’t it?

For instance, right now, I am awake, so I think that to be awake is the normal state of awareness. I believe other mind-states are not as important, but that’s only because I have limited vision and not because they are of lesser value or less connected within the spectrum.

What if dreams and altered states of consciousness are just bits of our reality scattered over space and time like a beam of light scattered over a stretch of atmosphere and are of equal validity?

What if, even before you are born, and after you die, you are a part of a cosmic dream, and you are scattered over a field of macro-dynamic uncertainty in which life and death are alternately particle and wave?

 Uncertainty is your sky, the by and by your story unwinds in, your hopes and your worries spiral round in, down to the beginning where it all begins again until something causes a new event in your horizon.

I am just daydreaming now, because sometimes daydreaming pays off; we don’t always know how we know what we know; we just have to wait and be open to whatever comes to us.

One time I wanted to paint a candle flame representing divine light. I wanted to show the flame and the light around it.

I was sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for my scheduled visit, mesmerized by the idea of a single flame that I could only see in my mind’s eye. I like to doodle while I wait so I kept drawing the lines over and over, trying to get it right. All of a sudden, I realized that light attracts light like a magnet. I knew instantly, on a visceral level, that light would cling to itself.  

It was such a strong intuition that I quickly got out my phone and did a Google search about light and electromagnetic energy and discovered that photons are indeed cohesive. I used other people’s information to back up what I intuited, but I learned about the cohesive properties of photons by drawing a candle flame and daydreaming about divine love!

Some people can train themselves to tap into the power of dreams to help solve everyday problems. I have a friend in Finland whose cat got lost in a snowstorm. He is a lucid dreamer. He went to bed with the question, “Where is my cat?” He dreamed that the cat was in an old pig barn not too far away, so when he woke up the next day, he went there to find the cat.

No luck at first.

But he started asking around that neighborhood, and someone said they had seen the cat in the pig barn.

He went back and searched again. This time he found the cat hiding in the rafters. She was thin and scared, but okay otherwise.

He found his cat because he dreamed where to look for her.

I want to dream about Nick. I want to find him; tell him I love him and miss him.

Maybe death is just a trick of the light.

When a beam of light hits the atmosphere all those molecules of gas and stuff break it up; they scatter it, and the short, blue waves are what you see hanging round in the sky, and that is why the sky appears blue. The other rays of the spectrum are not gone, you just don’t see them.

Maybe that is what happened when you died, Nick. You hit Death’s atmosphere and your light was scattered. I can’t see you but that does not mean you are not here.

I like patterns and rhythm. I make stuff up all the time just for the flow of sound, for the click and pound, for the sharp and round of the ups and downs. I like to talk to myself “just to hear my head rattle” as grandma always said, and because it helps me think. Maybe it drowns out some of the other noises I don’t like to hear as well, I don’t know.

I sense the world that already is as it is, or I build a world and it’s the real deal. Isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

You call that table green, so it is green. But it doesn’t look green to my husband, Tim. Everything green looks brown to him. So, we have a problem with reality, or perception, anyway.

It’s cold. It’s hot. It’s late. No, it’s not. You’re a flake. You’re deep. You make me sick. You make me think. It all makes sense if you get far enough away, or close enough, look through a microscope, dig deep, go to sleep. Ask Freud what he thinks. Or better yet, cause you still Jung, dream a little dream to meditate upon.

Someone asked why the sky is blue, and it reminded me of you.  During your last two years on the planet we got to watch a comedian almost every night. You lived in apartment 9 and I lived in 11 so we were right next door to one another. Jane used to run from apartment to apartment. She learned how to ring my doorbell. She’d jump up, hit the buzzer and then wait patiently for me to open the door. The first few times it happened I thought it was a prankster because I didn’t see her sitting there. She is such a smart dog. And maybe she is a prankster too.

Anyway, there was a comedian we liked who did a bit about a kid asking why the sky is blue. And in my mind, I see Harland Williams onstage. He says this kid comes up to him, tugs on his sleeve, and says, “Hey Mister, why is the sky blue?” And Harland says, “Well kid, the sky is blue,’ but then you and jump in and go, “because of the scattering of light over macro-dynamic mighty  molecules – because the molecules pick up the blue light, see, as light enters the atmosphere, the blue waves, like a bunch of college  kids on spring break, are all over the place, just scattered all over, abundantly visible and they are fucking everywhere, all these short, wavy light packets, blue blue blue.” And Williams looks at you, dumbfounded while Quentin Tarantino snaps the black and white clapperboard shut and says, “That’s a wrap.” Still staring at you he says, “Oh, sorry dude.”  Then you fade to black.

There is canned laughter and applause as music from Lost Highway starts to play and Woody Harrelson offers me a slice of white pizza from Sal’s on the corner of that place in Hainesport. I am beginning to realize this must be a dream. I look at the back of my hand. Old habit.

Scene changes. We are walking down the hall of the apartment building together and a neighbor says “Hello, Nick.” You swear he is making a rude statement—it was always like we were in two worlds because we could be in the same hallway, experiencing the same set of circumstances and I’d see it one way and you would see it another way altogether. You’d interpret the greeting “Hello, Nick.” to mean that the neighbor thought he was better than you and that he was disrespecting you  –that he had to make some statement about the way you dress, had to say something about the hat you were wearing or the tattoos all over your body or the skulls on your person or whatever it was that you thought people were judging you harshly for.

Because of that dream I had before you were born, I knew it would be hard for you in this lifetime; You knew it too. We both knew what we were signing up for and we agreed it would be worth it. But we didn’t know we knew! I mean, I sure didn’t sit around thinking, “Oh wow, I’m going to have this kid and he’s going to have a really fucked up, hard ass life.” God, no! It was never like that! It was more like we knew it in that other dimension, in that spiritual dimension, where we go when we dream, or where you went right before you had seizures.

The deal we made in the prenatal dream was that we had to forget the details of the dream! Was it some kind of dream land Fight Club rule? The first rule of this new life together is that you don’t remember this little chat we had about this new life together.

I used to beg you to try to remember anyway when things were bad. Sometimes if I could wake you up as you were starting to seize it would stop the seizure.

I dreamed I was in the delivery room and a baby was lying on my belly, only he could talk like (a very wise) adult. We had a detailed conversation about how he could help me during this lifetime and how I could help him. It was exciting to think how we could work together and all the things we could learn. We also knew that our life together would be terribly difficult, but that every second of it was going to be worth it. We agreed that we would have to forget the conversation in order for the lessons to take hold. At the end of the dream we forgot all the details.

“WAKE UP! WAKE UP, NICK!” I shouted and shook you, desperate to come between you and a seizure. Whispering on another level, “Remember why you are here, Please, Nick.”

And you would say, “I’m trying, I’m trying.”

Sometimes you woke up, weak and trembling, not sure what had transpired, but ready for the day to begin.

Sometimes darkness took you, beat the hell out you, tried to kill you, choked you, turned your face blue, tore up your mouth, knocked out your teeth, cut your head, twisted your neck, bruised your back, and scraped your legs and ankles raw.

Anyway, in the hallway, I thought the neighbor just said hello. I thought he was being friendly. I wanted to offer him a cup of tea sometime and a little Reiki maybe. I always said there is more than one reality and you said, “No! There is only one reality!” It made you very angry to think of alternate scenarios for the way things were for us, even though you were highly imaginative and came up with all kinds of possible situations for characters in your art.

Einstein said we have to decide if the universe is a friendly place or unfriendly, and you believed it was neither, but that people were just assholes. I always argued that people were basically good; you said people were just out to take what they could.

Your seizures made you rage. The nurse at the children’s hospital in L.A. explained that intense rage was just part of the seizure itself, that after the petit mal or grand mal, a person might feel any number of things, and you happened to feel angry.

You were five when the doctors figured out that the staring spells and behavioral problems were seizures. Before that everyone thought you were just being rude. It makes me angry to think that you were sick, and everyone thought you were just a bad kid.  And you couldn’t remember the seizures so you couldn’t figure out why people were upset. What a confusing world that must have been! One minute you were watching Scooby Doo or M TV and the next minute people were yelling at you for no reason apparent to you, anyway. Or later, they were putting you in in restraints. Or they were putting you in jail and spraying you with pepper spray.

But you were still young when you started hearing the noises at night. That was before we knew you were having seizures. You called me into your room. You were sitting in the bed calling me, “ I hear the noises.” you told me.

Scared the shit out of me! It was creepy as hell. I had to silently pray the Our Father while I walked into your room because I was so scared. It triggered memories of when I thought I was being possessed by demons as a little girl. When I saw you sitting there, staring into a corner of the room with that weird smile on your face, I have to tell you, Nick, I know where folks in the old days got the stupid idea that seizure disorders were caused by demonic possession. I am ashamed to admit that I was afraid, and I never wanted you to see my fear. I shiver to remember.

When you were five you went into status epilepticus which meant that you were seizing and not coming out of the seizure. They flew you and your teddy bear from Lancaster to Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. Tim and I were divorced by then. I was married to John. John and I drove in what seemed like cartoon style traffic to meet you there because they would not let us go in the helicopter. Someone, a nurse told me we were connected to you through our prayers. I guess it was nurse. Maybe it was an angel. They pinned wings on your teddy bear. You were still unconscious when we got to L.A.

I felt helpless to help you.

When you were a baby, I could rock you and nurse you and protect you from everything, but I didn’t know how to protect you from seizures and not even the doctors knew what to do.
You kept going to the window, talking to someone out there. We were 6 stories up. Who were you talking to?  

If someone asks me what I want, I have to tell them the truth.

I want to wake up under a tree like Siddhartha.

I want to fly like Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

I want to be like St. Francis of Assisi who asked an almond tree to speak to him of God and watched it bloom in the dead of winter.

I know in my bones that the dreams of my heart are not impossible; I have already experienced enough everyday miracles to know that I would have missed them had I nothad the perception or receptivity to see them. That is why I love the idea of lucid dreaming and neuroplasticity.

Some people may think conscious control only goes so far, but I say, let’s see how far! And still, we ain’t seen nothin yet!

I heard something on Youtube the other day about Tibetan monks who practice lucid dreaming to attain enlightenment. They have been doing dream yoga for over 1000 years and draw fruits from their purposeful hypnagogia that scientists can measure with graphs and scales. I learned how to lucid dream when I was 18 by staring at the back of my hand while I fell asleep with the intention of remembering to look at my hand while dreaming. That was the first step toward conscious control of dreaming. Once I gained control, I had hoped to learn all kinds of things from cool people like yogis and saints; I wanted to do things I couldn’t normally do while awake.

Today my dream life is haphazard and I doubt if anyone would want to measure or chart anything about it.  But it got to the point before that I was aware of falling asleep, of dreaming and then waking up. It was like walking into a valley and then walking out of the valley in the morning. But I was more interested in hooking up with Tim, your handsome, sax playing dad with the Dan Hicks record that I wanted. I started focusing more on him than on lucid dreaming, so I stopped training.

That doesn’t mean I stopped dreaming.

I have always been a dreamer and my dreams have always been vivid and memorable. Dreams are not something you work at; they are gifts; the dream of you was a gift that I cherish more than ever now.

I know it’s selfish, but I wish the lions were here now. There were two of the them in my dream.

One Lion, by Jabicatma, 2018

I could share one of them with you. One for you and one for me.

Where does the stuff we dream up come from? I wouldn’t say these dreams come from myself because my first important dream, the Lion Dream, happened when I was 4 and there is no way I could have made up a dream as complex as the Lion dream at age 4. I couldn’t understand it all then, not enough to verbalize it or tell anyone about it. But I never forgot it.

It took me years to unpack it.

I dreamed it was the end of the world. I could tell it was the end of the world because the ocean had flooded the city and the sidewalks were bulked into little pyramids. All the houses were destroyed. The people and animals were gone. Everything was gray. Except for one house where I was hiding in the kitchen. The house belonged to a lady named Mary. She had skin the color of polished mahogany and she had a serious face with a soft smile. It was her house, her kitchen. There were two giant lions who padded through the house. I could hear the sound their paws made as they went through every room checking to make sure no one could see me. I had been split into many separate versions of myself and I was hidden in the different cabinets in Mary’s kitchen. The lions made sure none of my toes were sticking out

I guess I still feel that way. Even if I die, I am OK. Even if I die, if my body dies, there is a light inside of me that cannot be extinguished, and I know that because I have been so close to death I have had so many close calls. Woke up in ICU more times than I like to remember, angry about being there, but glad now, of course. It is so stupid to want to kill yourself. It is just like walking into the next room.

I had this dream the other day about being in the old house on North Abilene. In the dream, white means pure, garden means life, and terrycloth means hard work.

I was in the bathroom of the old house on North Abilene and I really had to pee! The room was just like I remembered it and I was a little apprehensive only because the cellar door was behind the bathtub and it always gave me the creeps.

I noticed water gushing out of the water faucet in the bathtub, so I got up and struggled a little to get it turned off. The water was clear and clean; it was very cold.

When the water was off, I noticed a lady in the bathtub. I didn’t recognize her and thought it was weird to have a stranger bathing in grandma’s tub. Her bathwater was all milky from having used so much soap.

I headed toward the door (at a casual pace which means I wasn’t scared) and she got out of the water and put on a clean, white, terry cloth bathrobe.

I turned and asked her, “Are you a ghost?”

No.” She said. “But you are.”
Weird, huh.

Now this wasn’t a dream, but it has a ghost in it, so it counts.

One time when I was in Jr High, we had moved to Roswell. We moved a lot back then. I went to school and everyone looked at me like they’d seen a ghost. I was freaked out. Apparently, some rumor was going around that

A: I had been killed in a car accident.

B: I was killed in an empty swimming pool fiasco.

Either way, according to rumor, I was dead, and they were shocked to see me at school.

I was shocked to see how shocked they were to see me; I saw the ghost they saw. I walked over my own grave! Shiver.

When I was 12, people thought I was a witch because I was very observant, and I read a lot of weird books. My family was strange.

We had to move out of town. We moved to a house in the country. It was one of the worst times in our lives. But it holds some of the happiest memories as well.

Mom, who was too young to have four little children, was also very lovely. She’d gather wild sunflowers, dry them and winnow them on a blanket in the sun. Then she baked the tiny seeds into loaves of sourdough bread. She baked them in soup cans so that each of her four children could have their own loaf of bread. Sourdough, government cheese, tiny sunflower seeds, hot from the oven with fresh butter.

And we didn’t care when the truck loads of cowboys rode by shouting “Witch and Whore!” We just made signs in the air at them.

Mom made me so angry the other day I thought I was going to explode. But I moved back here because I love her, and I want to repair our relationship. There is enough hate in the world, enough turmoil. I want to do what I can to make peace. I wanted you to understand.

I remembered that day at the winnowing blanket. I made this chant and I have been singing it ever since. Not just for us, but for every mother and daughter, and really, for all of us all over the planet. Listen, I want you to hear it, Nick.

Sunshine Mother

Your children honor you

We’ve all have troubles

that have burdened us

Let us gather, then

at the winnowing blanket

where we can separate

the good seeds from the chaff

and let the playful breeze

take away what we don’t need

and leave us something good

to feed our creativity

oh sunshine mother

let us be the peace that this whole world needs

oh sunshine mother let us be at peace, let us be at peace.

I love my mother with all my heart. She taught me to talk to grasshoppers and to see the world in a drop of water.

She almost killed me; we’ve had our problems.

It is complicated.

We are never finished learning.

I wish you could see that.

But DAMMIT Nick! Your last words to me were “If you have her in your life, I can’t have you in mine!” And then YOU DIED! That is so not fair! That is so not fair. How can you say that I can’t have my own mother? I love my mother. I need my mother. And I need my son! I need you BOTH. How could you say those words to me and then die?

I know. I know. Of course, you didn’t know when you said it that those would be your last words to me. If we could pick our last words, they would be different, right? We would pick funny last words. Let’s think, what would yours be? Oh, I know! You’d quote what’s his face—your favorite

comedian–Reggie Watts. You would, say, “Molecular structure ain’t nothin’ but a thing.” And I would probably say something from Bill Burr. Oh, yeah. I’d say, “But [Nick], I just want to look at ya.”

If only we could choose our last words.

One neurologist explained that there are four stages of sleep, and that when most people get to stage four, they dream. But when you get to stage four, you have seizures. That is a pretty fucked up deal if you ask me. I am really sorry, Nick. I don’t care if I have to take you to fifty thousand doctors, I will keep trying to find someone who can help you. I am sorry, but 20 seizures a day is unacceptable. I can’t believe that one doc said, “Well at least he doesn’t have to wear a helmet.” Fuck that shit!

I remember walking you to the bus on the first day of kindergarten. You had on a He Man tank top and Red shorts. You had a He Man lunch box. You were holding my hand. You said, “Mom, I don’t want to have seizures.”
When you were 7 we went for a ride in the country in New Mexico with your grandma and great grandmother. There was a small herd of buffalo beside the road and I said “Look, Nick! Buffalo! They were almost extinct at one time.” You said, “I know. I can smell ‘em from here.”

When we were waiting for your sister, Hailie to be born, your favorite book was Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel Dig the Panama Canal. Somehow you got things mixed up, probably because I was always talking about your sister being born and one day you told me that when you grew up you wanted to work in the birth canal.

You were dark. You wore your heavy metal, bloody gore and skulls and devils, your zombies and death themes; you defended darkness and when I asked you why, you waited to answer.

It was the end of a long day. You asked in a humble way, “Did you ever think that some of us had to choose the darker way so that the rest of you could shine? If there was no night, how would you see the stars?”

I was silent, for once in my loud life.

Your first cozy bedtime toy was a truck– not a soft truck. You had to have a Six Million Dollar Man truck tucked under your arm before you’d go to sleep.

You published a book of photography and a novel and you published three excellent cd’s.

You were talented and not enough people got to know your work.

You died alone in your apartment.Well, you were not completely alone. Jane was there.

But your last words to me were, “If you are going to have her in your life, I can’t have you in mine. She is poison. She will hurt you and I can’t stand by and watch it happen.”

You didn’t want me to move in with my mother, but I felt like it was the right thing to do.

I felt like you needed the space, like I was cramping your style being right next door.

You said you wouldn’t talk to me anymore, so when you didn’t pick up the phone, I thought you were just angry.

Days went by. Then a week and I was worried.

The police called.
Even now, a year later, the March wind stirs sand into miniature dust devils on the patio. It steals my breath; I gasp for air.

It is not fair. To love one person, to try to repair one relationship and lose another forever.

To never hear you laugh at something Bill Burr says, it just sucks.

But when I despair, I feel you kick me. You kicked me in the shins under the table at the La Paz that day, on your Breath Day.

No, really, I swear, you kicked me in the shins under the table at the restaurant.

I was talking to my friend about not knowing what to do without you and I felt you kick me in the shins! But it doesn’t hurt to get kicked by a beam of light, so it made me laugh.

You wanted me to know you are right here with me, just in a different way now.

I can still hear you play your guitar while you wait for the green flare at sunset.

You told me why you play your guitar while watching the sunset every day. You said there is an old myth that sailors tell that if you see a green flare in the rays of the setting sun you will see the face of you worst enemy. You were convinced it would be your own face you would see. But you kept watching.

You liked hearing my crazy dreams.

I can still see you shake your head and stare at the air when I’d tell you one.

You’d say, “You should write those down, someone might want to hear them someday.”
“Yeah, right, In your dreams.” I laughed.

Shaman In A Bottle?

Working telepathically with a shaman is not like having a genie in a bottle. I can’t just say, “Yo, Shaman, fix that and help me with this.”

The way it works for me is that when I am in a Quiet World , sometimes he is there with me, sometimes not. If I have a question I can leave it in a sort of cosmic message center (hahaha) where we can talk about it later. I can leave a message and then later I may find a book with the information I need or a song with spring up out of Quiet World or I’ll run into someone who can help.

This morning we were talking about prayer. He made it very clear that when I pray or when he prays, our prayers go directly to God or Great Spirit. The only thing a Shaman does is help focus our attention toward the true healer.

So when my dog, Jane, jumped the fence this morning and absconded into the alley, I prayed. At first I asked Shaman if he could help me. Then I realized he wasn’t at my beck and call so I put on my own shaman-wanna-be pants and began to pray. I let all my feelings and thoughts flow into the words of my prayer. I acknowledged that it is God who accomplishes all things, but I didn’t beg and plead God to bring Jane home. Well, I did at first, then I decided to slip into Spirit World and call her myself, using the voice God gave me for a good purpose. I called her in a silent chant and I imagined her knocking against the back door. She was home in about a minute.

Then comes the rush of gratitude for a prayer answered and a thank you chant. Of course, Jane got a treat for hearing me and coming home.

It is tempting to think that just because I can communicate with my secret shaman telepathically that I ought to ask for his help with everything, anytime I want. But that is a misuse of the privilege of working with a shaman.Besides that, it just doesn’t work. I can’t will him to appear. At least that is how I understand it.

The first prayer worked so well I decided to try another. I began to pay attention to an illness that I am suffering. I didn’t just stand there like a Sorceress.

I went into Quiet World and let my attention rest on the problem. Then I just watched and listened. I opened myself to new information about the illness and to new insight into the nature of its causes. I realized that there was a part of me that felt like the illness was a sort of companion. I have become so used to dealing with it day in and day out, I realized I might not be ready to let it go. It has become a feature in my life and to throw it out instantly seemed abrupt; it twisted my heart.

At that moment I saw the source of the illness, the microscopic beasts that are creating all the havoc in my life, as creatures made by the same creator who made me. I thanked them for their service in teaching me all they have taught. I spent some time remembering the ways I have grown since I’ve been fighting the illness. And when I was ready, I told them they could go. I made a chant of my prayer to create a road for them to walk away, back to the creator.

Now I wait and continue to pray, grateful that God gave me such a creative prayer for this particular problem. I can see the problem and its coming and going as one event, one from which I will learn.

Of course, the purpose of all learning, for me, is to love more. And I do.


The thing I do like about my shaman is that he is just a man. I don’t have to bow and scrape when I talk to him. That’s a luxury when I’m upset and don’t feel like putting on my goody two shoes.

Last night I was able to vent to him about a man who betrayed me. A man who was as cold hearted as a snake, who then went on to talk about himself as if he were a saint. Shaman helped me hold my own tongue and avoid a battle-dance.

I can’t believe that I used to enjoy the company of the former friend. How fickle we are! We can think someone or something is wonderful and in an instant it turns to shit.

So having a down to earth shaman, one that I can talk to without pretense is a good thing. I am grateful for his guidance.

If I am in a crappy situation, I’m talking about the kind of situation that could drag me into despair and I want to get out of it, or get through it, I can go to my shaman and ask for help or advise.

He doesn’t have to be put on a pedestal and I don’t have to wait for a crisis to ask for help; he likes to help me. The benefit of communicating telepathically is that he can help more people than he could if he had to rely on standard travel.

Mother Teresa said that the way to help the world is to start with one. “One, one, one.” The fancy thing about One is that it is exponentially expansive. The deeper I look into One the more I see the infinite complexity of all creation. It is the miracle of singularity.

I am not referring to the ominous technological singularity but to the singularity of consciousness.

“At the Consciousness Singularity, our consciousness will be expanded beyond the confines of an egocentric sense of self to include transpersonal experiences and transcendent self-identity. This new existence will be both a form of collective consciousness and a form of expanded individual consciousness. ” (, Shawn Mikula)

Many people have had glimpses of the Secret of One. I slipped into one once and ended up being in two places at once.

A friend and I were on our lunch break in a hospital cafeteria. I told her that I felt weird, like I wasn’t all there. She said, “Where are you?’ she encouraged me to think before answering. She told me to look around and see what I could see.

I closed my eyes, relaxed, and realized I could see a street in a sunny place where there had been lots of rain. I was outside of a gun or pawn shop. A man walked by and our eyes met briefly, acknowleding one another’s presence.

The sunshine looked different—the lighting didn’t look like it does in New Mexico, and the vegetation was tropical. I guessed it was Belize, where my husband is from.

Later that day, when I described my experience to him he said it was a street in Belize. I described it to a tee.

This was more than a vision. I could feel the breeze from the ocean. I could feel the sun. And that man could see me! Brief as it had been, the man I passed on the street interacted with me when our eyes met. So I know it can be done.

I think Shaman does something like that when he visits me. I don’t know how it works but it is fascinating. i want to learn more. and how will I go about learning this?

One event at a time.

I Don’t Like Him

I don’t know when I started to feel this way, but I really don’t like my shaman right now. He farts and scratches himself and he won’t change his Levi’s if he thinks he can get one more day out of them. He is not a holy man. He is just a man.

I guess every relationship boils down to this: disillusionment.

The woman isn’t captivating anymore; the man is suddenly weak and ineffectual.

It is proving to be the same with shamans, only it has happened much faster than usual.

I still want to meet with him; This might just be temporary disenchantment. I suspect a hidden lesson.

Some of the saints talked about going through dry spells during which their prayers felt phony and they got zero consolation for their spiritual efforts. They said the best thing to do in dry periods was to do the practices anyway because soon the good energy would come back and they would have a deeper understanding of God and the universe. But it is hard to muster up a real prayer when you are not feeling it.

It’s hard to stay with someone when we start to recognize that our dream lover, friend, or beloved project, doesn’t thrill us anymore.

Shaman is inviting me to go deeper into the dissatisfaction. My body resists. I feel sleepy and tired. He tells me to go deeper into the discomfort, to simply observe it.” He says, Remember who you are.” But he is not as intense as I am so it’s not taxing. He says it plain and simple like he’s waiting for something.

(I feel Shaman’s eyes on me now. He is smiling because I am getting his message.)

There is a connection that goes beyond liking or not liking a person. we can get to a point where we are flowing with a natural current of energy. I am trying to develop that kind of awareness

Alcoholics Anonymous has a slogan that encourages members to use respect even if we don’t like what someone says. The spirit in the room is allowed to flow freely because our focus is on “principles before personality.”

Shaman is teaching me to appreciate what I have here and now. The comfortable and uncomfortable are blessings and I am learning to accept them both as grist for the mill.

The mourning dove cries out: :Straw-ber-ry soup! Straw-ber-ry soup.


Communicating with my shaman is not the same as listening to God. There is a difference between the still small voice and Shaman.

Shaman is a living, flesh and blood man who lives in North America. He is alive and well. He teaches all over the place.

I wanted to be his student but figured I’d have to wait a million years to have the means to travel.

Then, out of the blue I heard him speak. He was in the Quiet World so his voice was inaudible. He said, “Why wait?”

I didn’t believe him right away. I have a lot of the proverbial voices in my head that dowse creative ideas, hopes and dreams as soon as they spark.

“What if you are just a figment of my imagination?” I asked.

“Ha! Imagination is necessary in this kind of work. It’s like the gas in your car. The car takes you places, and that is like the actions you will take from these teachings. But the thing that makes the car go is imagination.

You gotta use your imagination for this; you think I’m gonna do all the work?”

When It Rains

Image result for shaman in the rain

I can’t make it out to the sound garden today. When it rains hard, like it did last night, the ground is too mushy to walk on. There’s not much grass to catch the blessing so the dirt has to hold it all. When there is downpour, sometimes it takes a few days to let it all soak in. It’s a pain in the ass in the mean time—all the mud sloshing, all the mess. Blessings are not always pretty and packaged up like a present so you know it is a gift. Sometimes they are just hard to deal with.

Some blessings hurt, and I don’t like them, but I am learning to accept them and be just as grateful for the hurtful ones because the gifts they bear are truly exquisite. Anyway, accepting them makes the hurt seem like a good thing, like when you exercise and feel your new strength the next day.

I don’t know what pain has to do with time, but Shaman is telling me to think about time them combined.

I found this quote in my Facebook Memory post when I opened my computer.

“Of course a man can go back in time, and forward too if he knows how to travel. He doesn’t need a thing, no suitcase or extra clothes. all he needs is what he knows he doesn’t know.”

I don’t know who said this, but Shaman said it’s only half true.

When we wipe the slate clean by realizing we don’t know a thing, then we have to be willing to accept new understanding when it comes, even if it goes against conventional wisdom.

That is a tricky one.

Most people don’t really believe a person can slip into different realms of being and talk to people or get work done except on the physical plane, but it is not only possible, it is highly effective.

Shaman is teaching me to trust my insight. I like that word, insight. It can mean gaining an inner knowing, but it can also mean looking inward and really seeing something new.

When was the last time you looked inside and saw something entirely new? It is a rush. I like it.

That means, though, that I have to be proven wrong sometimes; I have to unknow something. It also means that I get hurt. My ego takes a blow.

This morning I am glad Shaman was around when I was told that my feet are crumbling because I’m fat.


I had to process that statement to see if it was true or not.

It is not true that my weight had anything to do with getting arthritic bones–that started when I was young and fit. But as the arthritis got worse, my activities changed. One thing after another happened and wham! Suddenly I am very overweight and the bones in my feet are crumbling. Would they still be crumbling if I were thin? Yes. Does my weight make the condition worse.? Yes.

Accepting responsibility for a problem is not the same thing as accepting blame. This is not about blame. Our lives are way too complex to lay blame down, there are too many threads, too many factors that affect a single action to say that one thing alone was the cause of the other thing.

Accepting responsibility is an act of humility that places one in a position of power. It is a way to say, “Here I am. I will do what I can to make this situation better.”

I am in a position of power to work with Shaman to heal my crumbling bones so that I may be of service to the people I am here to serve. I’ll do my best.

Doing one’s best is the topic for another day.

For now, since I have to climb the steps of a small airplane on Thursday and fly to Dallas, doing my best means resting a little more than I did yesterday and trying to get enough ace bandages on to support my feet until the braces are made. It also means working with Reiki.

Shaman shows me what my bones look like through the eyes of the creator, who knit them together in the first place. That is where I will be working today.

This seems appropriate in the bigger picture as well. It is important to start out learning to be a shaman on good standing. I need a good foundation, stable structure. What better metaphor could nature have provided than the bones of my feet?

“Little feet, little feet, where have you been?

little feet, little feet, where are you going?

Little feet, little feet, can you jump and dance?

If you could, would you give me another chance?”

The First Encounter

The first time I encounted my shaman was about a week ago. I was out in the sound garden.
The sound garden is a place I have set up out back where I can meditate and just chill with my dog and cat.
I hung a bunch of pipes from a tree so we could have interesting wind chimes. There are dismantled plow parts there too that my uncle brought when he heard I wanted to make music. It’s funny how something as heavy as iron makes such sweet music.

It’s nice out there, although if you were passing by you’d think it was a junk heap or the castle walls of a severely mentally ill person.

Ha! If the truth were known!

I was out there, minding my own business when I heard someone speaking in the Quiet World.
It was my shaman.
He was standing there, in the other realm, asking me, by gesture, if I was ready.
It was broad daylight there and the cicada were singing loudly.
I didn’t even have to think about it. Of course I was ready. I’ve been wanting a teacher since I was 12 years old and I’ve wanted to be a helper for longer than that.
So we just started right in. There was no big hoopla.

The first thing we talked about was the validity of Quiet World. It’s a very real place.
I’ll tell you about I how I see it.

Maybe it’s different for others.

In the Quiet World, one can communicate without actually speaking.

A person can use language, but it is carried by thought, sometimes with gestures.

Hearing is just like it is in this world, the Noisy World. So if I say, “How are you–if I think it, you would hear it in my voice

There are sounds there, birdsong, water running over rocks, the wind in trees. But it is not audible. It is weird how you can hear it without hearing with your ears. It is almost like really elegant math.

The Quiet World is where a lot of people go to pray. And some types of meditation are practiced there, but not all.

When I was 12, I thought I had to take pills to find Quiet World. The world I found was not the real Q.W. and I don’t want to go back.

So that first day he was very gentle; his humor was gentle.

He let me share my concerns about what we were about to do, and he rejoiced in my excitement. He could tell how happy I was. The feeling was like the one you get when you are in a field and you come across those wildflowers that look like little red and black sunflowers. I love those.

I said extra prayers and sang a special, secret song.

My shaman smells like leather and smoke. Leather, smoke and those wildflowers.

He makes me feel like there is no hurry to learn. I know learning is multidimensional. I remember wildflowers on one level and it trips a whole sequence of memories and associations. Learning happens where it needs to, however it needs to in order to be useful.

But not just useful.

Learning is fun, or at least captivating. Even when it is played out in a dramatic way, it’s satisfying as an experience.

These are the things we talked about the first day. It was casual as in laid back and causal in that seeds were planted for who knows what.