Tree Talk

Welcome to Tree Talk.

This tree (which is an uncut post if you think about it, seriously lol) is going to show up now and then and invite you to share your thoughts. I just want to listen to you. Tell me about your day, your dreams, anything.

Or you can open a window wherever you are and just relax, listen to the wind in the leaves if you are near a tree, feel the breeze. My prayers will be with you.

This is a time out. Quiet. Peace and quiet. Right here, right now, there is time enough for this.

Oh The Blog Posts, They Are A Changin’

I am an inexperienced, wishy-washy water sign and I am noticing that I can’t stop myself from posting new stuff as soon as I think I should put it out there. But then I realize it’s crap and I have to go back and change it. Again. And again.

So what I am wondering is this: if you read a post and then I update it, do you get a notification that I have updated or are you left with the last sorry version in your memory to haunt you forever?

Could you let me know, please? I am trying to learn enough self-control to only post after I have gone over the writing a zillion and three times, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I Am Listening

This is a song that helps prepare one for meditation or prayer. It helps bring about a state of quiet attention and gentle anticipation of goodness.


I hear the song of the Holy Dove, I hear You calling, my own true love,

Your song brought daylight to the land, I hear you calling; here I am.

Speak to me, Lord, for I am listening.

The morning stars lean close to hear what you might whisper in my ear.

In the shadow of your wings I’ll stay, your own beating heart will guide my way.

Speak to me, Lord, for I am listening.

The earth sighs deeply responding to the song you sing making all things new. Speak to me Lord, I am listening. I am here.



You’re Changing My Neurophysiology and I like It.

WordPress, there was one other cyberlove before you, (Facebook doesn’t count count for some scary reason.) It’s true. But I’m getting rewired..

Before I loved you, I Loved Tumblr. I wrote a song for them. But now I want to give it to you.

Now wait a minute! Don’t be upset! It’s not regifting. It’s more like my love for Tumblr has evolved, yeah, that’s it, it has evolved, and now I am smitten by you. Here, you’ll understand once you hear the song. I can’t help it. I’ve been changed in my what do ya call it, my neurophysiology.

Awake My Soul!

Ever since the singing tree experience (when I was eight) during which I heard and felt God singing/living/breathing/laughing/living/loving through every cell of my being, I’ve craved a regular spiritual practice. But wanting something and having it are not the same thing.

There were times when I had trouble convincing myself that getting out of bed would be a good idea. It seemed much safer to hide deep under the covers.

These psalms helped me get past that. I recorded them so that when I didn’t have the strength or motivation to read them, I could just click and listen. Soon I had them memorized and they became part of my flesh and bones. In fact, once my son said something about college that made me happy and I said, “Oh! You have made my heart happier than when grain and wine abound!” And I meant it. Lol.