Shaman In A Bottle?

Working telepathically with a shaman is not like having a genie in a bottle. I can’t just say, “Yo, Shaman, fix that and help me with this.”

The way it works for me is that when I am in a Quiet World , sometimes he is there with me, sometimes not. If I have a question I can leave it in a sort of cosmic message center (hahaha) where we can talk about it later. I can leave a message and then later I may find a book with the information I need or a song with spring up out of Quiet World or I’ll run into someone who can help.

This morning we were talking about prayer. He made it very clear that when I pray or when he prays, our prayers go directly to God or Great Spirit. The only thing a Shaman does is help focus our attention toward the true healer.

So when my dog, Jane, jumped the fence this morning and absconded into the alley, I prayed. At first I asked Shaman if he could help me. Then I realized he wasn’t at my beck and call so I put on my own shaman-wanna-be pants and began to pray. I let all my feelings and thoughts flow into the words of my prayer. I acknowledged that it is God who accomplishes all things, but I didn’t beg and plead God to bring Jane home. Well, I did at first, then I decided to slip into Spirit World and call her myself, using the voice God gave me for a good purpose. I called her in a silent chant and I imagined her knocking against the back door. She was home in about a minute.

Then comes the rush of gratitude for a prayer answered and a thank you chant. Of course, Jane got a treat for hearing me and coming home.

It is tempting to think that just because I can communicate with my secret shaman telepathically that I ought to ask for his help with everything, anytime I want. But that is a misuse of the privilege of working with a shaman.Besides that, it just doesn’t work. I can’t will him to appear. At least that is how I understand it.

The first prayer worked so well I decided to try another. I began to pay attention to an illness that I am suffering. I didn’t just stand there like a Sorceress.

I went into Quiet World and let my attention rest on the problem. Then I just watched and listened. I opened myself to new information about the illness and to new insight into the nature of its causes. I realized that there was a part of me that felt like the illness was a sort of companion. I have become so used to dealing with it day in and day out, I realized I might not be ready to let it go. It has become a feature in my life and to throw it out instantly seemed abrupt; it twisted my heart.

At that moment I saw the source of the illness, the microscopic beasts that are creating all the havoc in my life, as creatures made by the same creator who made me. I thanked them for their service in teaching me all they have taught. I spent some time remembering the ways I have grown since I’ve been fighting the illness. And when I was ready, I told them they could go. I made a chant of my prayer to create a road for them to walk away, back to the creator.

Now I wait and continue to pray, grateful that God gave me such a creative prayer for this particular problem. I can see the problem and its coming and going as one event, one from which I will learn.

Of course, the purpose of all learning, for me, is to love more. And I do.

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