Citrine Bird

The golden cage was not being built to keep the bird inside it as much as it was to keep the cats out.

But the maker did not want to obstruct the bird’s view, nor did she want to keep the beautiful yellow creature from the sight of onlookers.

Citrine was helpful to look at and helpful to hold, but not for cats,of course.

So the cage was being scrutinized for the least obstructive and most protective construction.

Nothing worked.

The wires went askew and crossed over each other and ended up in a golden, crooked heap.

The maker began to think: “IF the bird could fly, she could easily get away from cats, and she could swoop and sweep through the air in the sunlight and show everyone her healing light.

So instead of a cage, she gave the bird the gift of flight.

But no wings.

The Citrine Bird was only going to be able to fly when worn on the heart of a pure woman.

And it was for that one woman that the bird had been formed.

What was not expected, but delighted all concerned was that both woman and bird could fly when she wore the bird around her neck.

Of course, she tried it on the Buddha first, only to see how it would look on a pure one. The she took it and wore it with great joy.

And that is how the story of the Citrine Bird and the Wise Woman begins.

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