If Not Here; If Not Now

I live in a small town and I like it. But I have friends, from larger cities, who think that nothing of value can happen in a town this size. This town is too poor, too backward to produce anything miraculous.

They said the same thing about Nazareth.

Jesus himself said we would do all that he did, and even greater things and that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. What are we waiting for? Divine Love is Everywhere.

Why are we timid about using our abilities to comfort and heal with our poetry and songs, warm blankets and stacks of chopped wood or washed dishes?

This song is about realizing that the miracle is already happening. We are already waking up to who we really are. There is so much good in one second of awareness and we are more aware now of the difference we can make simple by changing one thought trajectory from a negative to a positive end. For example, if we get up with a cold or the flu, one trajectory would be to list all the things to feel miserable about–and that has its place, don;t get me wrong. Or we could take another path and see it as an opportunity to take it a little easier than normal to try to reduce our level of stress and increase self care.

Or even if the illness wipes us out and we end up in bed, flat on on our back, we always have a choice as to how we will interpret the situation.

Awareness is a key that opens doors to more empowered activities and informed responses to any given situation. Awareness is also that room we want to unlock and enter into.

How beautiful to wake up in the present moment and know that you are alive, and to feel gratitude for every breath, and to wonder, with glad anticipation, what might happen next. How blessed to wake up, even in the worst of circumstances and realize we are still alive after all,we are still within our own skin and bones, even if only by a thread, and we stay a moment, in that stillness, and marvel at the beauty of it all.

This is where the miracle happens

This is where it all begins

This is where everything changes

Right here, right now, breathe in,


I say to the world, “I love you.”

No matter what is going down.

I choose to trust that things will turn out right

if I am led by the light of the love in my heart

cause this is where the miracle happens

this is where is all begins

this is where everything changes.

right here, right now, I breathe in.

Now I know I can’t do this all alone

I feel connected to a higher power;

There is an under lying kind of symmetry

that I can tune into to live in harmony

with fathers, sons, sisters, mothers,

creatures, rock,s and rivers,

And every tree and grain of sand,

so, come on, now take my hand,

Let’s be of good courage, my friend.

If now is not the the time to believe in love, then when?


I’m telling you, Now,

..[repeat part one]

1 thought on “If Not Here; If Not Now”

  1. This is perfect, and so true! It all begins within us, our thoughts, perceptions, choices. And we can change them whenever we need to!
    Lots of love and hugs to you!


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