Lights In A Looking Glass

Warning: This is not good writing. It is just a place holder for some cool stuff going on in my life.

What I am about to tell you doesn’t mean I am special or crazy, but I see lights and shapes and things when I meditate. Patanjali warned that seeing lights or having experiences of smelling flowers and other signs and wonders might lead the yogi astray. He said we should not meditate in order to gain these abilities lest we be tricked and forget to continue on our path. So I am duly warned.

But it doesn’t mean I am doing anything wrong, either. (When I use myself as an example, I am not writing for myself alone, but for anyone out there who might identify with my experience.)

There have been times, when I was in deep thought or meditation, or after yoga, that certain knowledge comes to me that I would have no way of knowing otherwise. I can’t explain it. But I’m too curious about it to just count it as a flaw in my practice, as some would consider it to be, a hindrance or unnecessary imagination.

Once it happened when I was sitting in a doctor’s office, waiting for an appointment. I was drawing a candle flame for a painting I wanted to do. I wanted to get the flame just right so I kept drawing it over and over. There was some quality the flame had that I wanted to portray in my painting, but I didn’t know what is was.

In a burst of sudden insight, I knew that light was cohesive—that it clung to itself. Now I didn’t have the words to explain what I was seeing except that is was some electromagnetic force that caused this phenomenon. I did a quick search and learned a little about the physics of light and found that it was the cohesive property of light that I was trying to paint. My quick foray into physics gave me the words I needed to express what I had learned intuitively by looking at and drawing a candle flame.

The earliest (scientific) intuition was about Fourier Transforms, which are formule that allow an object to be deconstructed, analysed and reconstituted in oder to understand the nature of the object. The insight came when I was looking at physics books just for the beauty of the equations. Thise equations used to inspire me to write poetry. Even though I had no idea what the equations meant! I can’t speak math. I just loved the way they LOOKED. When my eys landed on the Fourier Transforms I had the sudden internal knowing that they would explain the phenomeno of people switching certain mind states when traumatized.

My hunch is that our brain uses a type of Fourier transform when we “switch” personality states during trauma, or even when we change levels of awareness in meditation.

Another insight came last night. t had to do with something that happened while I was doing a kundalini exercise. I saw (in my mind’s eye) a large infinity symbol, or figure eight, aligned vertically, it’s axis running through the center of my body. I won’t go into the details of the vision here because it would obscure the fact that this phenomena happened spontaneously. It wasn’t expected or conjured up for the fun of it. I saw and felt the figure 8 line of energy running through my body (but not limited to the confines of my skin.) It spread out a bit.

I began to be curious about the double helix, which led me to search for info on dna. There was a word that grabbed my attention, and that word was chiral.

have a hunch that there is a chemical or bio-electric trigger that facilitates the switches happening during the Fourier Transform effect and it happens at certain chiral junctions. If we are conscious of the movement of our breath, we may be able to effect these changes. The implications are huge! Right?

There is something about the way the molecules mirror image one another that allow Alice to go through the looking glass, so to speak.

Of course, trying to explain this to people makes them shake their heads and offer me a pillow and a blanket in a soft chair with a nice little straight jacket to keep me warm. And I admit, it is odd. I am not making educated guess, I am making intuitive guesses, which, if they pan out, with be all the more interesting.

I am writing about it and talking about it NOW so that when these theories are brought to light by greater minds, you will say, “Yes, we can know and trust what we know.” Someone can intuitively know a thing and it can be validated by the scientific method as soon as the science has grown up enough to ask the right questions.

But for heaven’s sake, don’t stop being curious. Not even you, Alice.

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