Lesson Plan

Before class, meditate. Pray to be guided and inspired, for Spirit to move and be prevelant in all my interactions.

Goal: To discuss and experience Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. To cover the core concepts of not having time or space constraints, and of actually creating time and space as a way to allow for conscious choices, and as an energetic reality one enters into and dwells, lik

e entering a pagoda.And how HSZSN is the equivilent of the now familiar word, Namaste.

Cho Ku Rei: The Reiki Power Symbol Sticker
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Review the first two Reiki symbols and the five precepts. Release anger, release fear, be compassionate and humble.

Demonstrate the use of these symbols and precepts by talking about a recent episode of relying on them to facillitate change. Use myself as example by telling about how my relationship with my mom is changing form adversarial to mutual respect because I can see her as she was as a girl growing up and she can see me as an adult woman.

Ask for examples of how a student would use these symbols and precets in his or her own life.

Write out the kanji Hon She Ze Sho Nen and give definition.

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Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is know as the distance Reiki symbol and it can be used to heal trauma and injury from past experiences. Why do you think healing from a distance is possible? Why is it important?

It can be used to treat karmic notches in the present. What I mean when I say karmic notches that we all have recurring glitches in how smoothly our life runs. We may always end up with the same type of trouble in relationships or have repeating patterns of hardship in our workplace. What I’m calling karmic notches are the tendencies that like a notch in a wooden wheel causes a disruption in the smooth turning of the wheel. So that every time the wheel goes around, when it gets to the notch, there is a disruption or a bump; the wheel might even break if the noth is big enough to weaken the wheel to the breaking point. Can you think of any areas of your life where there might possibly be a karmic notch?

HSZSN is a tool we can use to smooth out the notch and make the wheel round again.

Now how does that work? In part, HSZSN make room for a person to apply the 5 precepts: it gives us pause when certain negative habits crop up. For example, when someone does something tbat triggers an angry or fearful response, HSZSN will have allow the ULF to correct the notch or tendency to react in a habitual way and choose to see the situation with compassion. It allows us to be grateful for having the opportunity to act in a way more in line with our values. We can feel humbled by the way a change in our perception causes us to make different choices than the type of choices that keep leading to the same negative situations. And now you can see how HSZSN will heal your future events by changing what choices we make in the present moment which like a wheel in motion is constantly turning around the same axis but without the notches. Can you give an example as to how you would benefit from a freeze scene moment to reconsider your actions? What force -sands the wheel” so to speak? Could it be that the sound/light frequencies emitted during Reiki practice grinds away the rough spots?

I always use all the first three symbols when I’m giving a Reiki session because I can see the benefit of all three together. CKR focus the power, SHK provides the equanimity to make thoughtful change and HSZSN frees up time and space to apply the precepts.

I like to think of this symbol as the uncertainty or the decision-way between what is and what can be.

You can learn how to draw the symbol from sources online or in your books. So we won’t use class time to go over the mechanics of drawing it.

I recommend drawing the symbol in the air on on your hand, or if appropriate, over the one being treated. I’ve found that by taking time and concentration to draw the symbol correctly I am more in tune and more engaged in the healing process. In other words, it helps me clear the air or make a clear space for life force energy to do whatever needs to be done. It’s a little like sweeping the floor and removing the clutter in the house before a special guest arrives.

Yet another way to talk about HSZSN is to say. “The light in me recognizes the light in you.” It is the Reiki equivalent of namaste in that regard. It is the light that is already present that will be discovered or uncovered or revealed by our interaction. Why do you think it is important to recognize that as a practioner you are not giving the recipient your own energy but allowing the light of their true nature to shine through. As I learned from the candle flame, light attacks light. So how is the light in you honoring the light in the other?

HSZSN is sometimes called the pagoda because it looks like a boathouse, so you can think of it as a special time and space to meet with the universal life force that goes beyond time and space. When you enter into the pagoda enter the realm of the miraculous.

Another way to think of HSZSN is to understand the power in the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle which grapples with the mystery of the fact that a photon, or quantum of light will appear as a particle or wave depending upon our observation. Our observation alone can determine which way the photon manifests. It in that moment of possibility that we are free, that we find power. Why is that little bit of uncertainty powerful?

Now the best way to learn about this powerful Reiki symbol is to experience it. So let’s spend the last few minutes of this lesson in direct contact with HSZSN. I’m going to ask you to sit quietly with your eyes open but relaxed. Sit back in your chair with both feet on the floor and relax your hands in your lap. Breathe comfortably with a soft belly. I’m going to draw the symbols in the air and let Reiki channel through me to you. Notice how you feel right now; close your eyes and scan your body and without judgement just notice what you notice. Make a mental note of anything that stands out so you can compare it with how you feel after the session. We are going to spend the next 3 minutes in silence. I’ll let you know when to open your eyes.

(Do the exercise)

Open your eyes and take a deep breath. Mentally and somatically scan yourself and compare before treatment notes with after. If you would like to, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Thank you for participating.


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