Lesson Plan 2

Goal: To experience Reiki

1. Use the blindfolded man in an auditorium exercise to demonstrate how we gravitate toward yes or no.

What did yes feel like? Where did you feel it? Did you have a visual or auditory, tactile, taste or smell that you associate with yes and no? Do you think your brain has a code for certain values? For example, my brain always uses the idea or felt sense of water to represent truth. It has become a code to alert me to the truth of a matter. Do you think it is possible to have more than one reaction at a time? Both yes and no? Consider for a moment what kind of energy mixed signals generate.

2. Have two people sit back to back. Have one person smile or frown and ask the other to guess or intuit if their partner is smiling or frowning. How did you know what your partner did?

3. Have two people mirror one another. How did you know what was coming next?

4. What does red feel like? Orange? Yellow and green? Blue, violet? White? Black?

5. Chant a mantra together for 11 minutes. See if you can let the mantra chant itself. How do you feel during and after? Chant the vowel sounds.

6. Draw a Reiki symbol on your right palm, then on the left. What do you notice?

7. Share Reiki for 11 minutes. Then share experience.

8.Talk about chakra system and how knowing this information can help day to day.

9. Do the forward/backward muscle test to test for truth.

10. Use a dowsing rod to measure energy fields.

11. Do a gratitude worksheet with orange slice picture.

12. Closed circuit test

13. Dehydrated, hydrated

14. What precautions (if any) should you take before doing reiki?


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