Between Oscillation: Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

It is the uncertainty between a particle and a wave that seems to fit perfectly with the Hon Sha ze Sho Nen. The distance healing symbol in Reiki means no past, no present, no future; no time, no space.

But how can that be when we use time and space, not only to intend for something to happen, but to see our intention to fruition?

At one end of the pendulum we have no action. At the other end we have action; one moment still but still moving.

It’s right there, in that sweet spot, in the uncertainty of whether it will be particle or wave, action or no action that Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen occurs.


But instead of time and space collapsing as you think it might if one might be able to exist in between one or the other, time stretches, not only forward and back, but on all sides, in all dimensions.

I think it’s like holding a butterfly in your open hand.

Maybe it is the Buddha’s middle path.

Shall we take it?

The Cold Makes Me Lonely

I have to interrupt the chickens by making my own sound: fingers tapping out my inner state on a small keyboard.

The chickens make a lot of sense as they carry on converstations and follow social rules,

it seems.

I watch them from the kitchen window as they share with some doves but not with others.


Better than vision is to listen to them speak to one another on the patio where they gathered

to get out of the rain.

Tonight they will all sit close together in their little house on the upper level: the loft.

The door will be closed against intruders

and they will sit as close to one another as they can.

The List

To The Universal Life Force:

To My Beloved God,

To my friend and companion,

When you go to the store can you pick up

more wire and stones,

garnets and carnelian, citrine, aventurine, lapis lazuli, quartz of all sorts

and ammethyst?

I wanted to make a list lest I forget

that I need things to reflect your light,

to make things that brighten the day,

some way to say, “I care, I’m here, I can hear your what you are not going to say

except through me.

You speak so many beings into life

and I am only one

but you make us each


equipped to say what you would not say

any other way.

Listen To Me!

I want to scream it in the streets:

Listen to me!

I don’t even know exactly what I want to say,

But this yearning to be heard is is rumbling

around like thunder and I’m learning

that I have a right to be alive

simply because I am.

I want to sing.

Listen to me! Please.

It’s a good song that will make you



and when you find out what that is you will want to sing too.



I want to whisper

purple and rose phrases

and take you through the stages of waking up.

It is good to voice the life inside me

because it is love and love needs somewhere to go.

Listen to me.

It will make you