Calling All Turtles

I’ve withdrawn into a spiral shell

Where it is quite clear no one can follow,

Though I wish someone could.

The quiet deafens me.

Calling All Turtles, where ever you wait,

One eye blinking against the mud.

How much more?

How many slammed doors before

I get to the stomping grounds where every turtle dances

And lays her throat open and sings

Hallelujah for the sound of stones falling?

Hallelujah for the sound of stones

Falling against one another in a race to the bottom of the hill.

I didn’t call the rain.

It came anyway..


I lay my throat open and sing.

If Not Here; If Not Now

I live in a small town and I like it. But I have friends, from larger cities, who think that nothing of value can happen in a town this size. This town is too poor, too backward to produce anything miraculous.

They said the same thing about Nazareth.

Jesus himself said we would do all that he did, and even greater things and that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. What are we waiting for? Divine Love is Everywhere.

Why are we timid about using our abilities to comfort and heal with our poetry and songs, warm blankets and stacks of chopped wood or washed dishes?

This song is about realizing that the miracle is already happening. We are already waking up to who we really are. There is so much good in one second of awareness and we are more aware now of the difference we can make simple by changing one thought trajectory from a negative to a positive end. For example, if we get up with a cold or the flu, one trajectory would be to list all the things to feel miserable about–and that has its place, don;t get me wrong. Or we could take another path and see it as an opportunity to take it a little easier than normal to try to reduce our level of stress and increase self care.

Or even if the illness wipes us out and we end up in bed, flat on on our back, we always have a choice as to how we will interpret the situation.

Awareness is a key that opens doors to more empowered activities and informed responses to any given situation. Awareness is also that room we want to unlock and enter into.

How beautiful to wake up in the present moment and know that you are alive, and to feel gratitude for every breath, and to wonder, with glad anticipation, what might happen next. How blessed to wake up, even in the worst of circumstances and realize we are still alive after all,we are still within our own skin and bones, even if only by a thread, and we stay a moment, in that stillness, and marvel at the beauty of it all.

This is where the miracle happens

This is where it all begins

This is where everything changes

Right here, right now, breathe in,


I say to the world, “I love you.”

No matter what is going down.

I choose to trust that things will turn out right

if I am led by the light of the love in my heart

cause this is where the miracle happens

this is where is all begins

this is where everything changes.

right here, right now, I breathe in.

Now I know I can’t do this all alone

I feel connected to a higher power;

There is an under lying kind of symmetry

that I can tune into to live in harmony

with fathers, sons, sisters, mothers,

creatures, rock,s and rivers,

And every tree and grain of sand,

so, come on, now take my hand,

Let’s be of good courage, my friend.

If now is not the the time to believe in love, then when?


I’m telling you, Now,

..[repeat part one]

Lion’s Paw Kriya.

I have had an unexpected shift in my view of yoga practice, an easing up of my almost militant approach to doing any given kriya.

At day two of the Lion’s Paw Kriya that I started with my Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana group, I had so much resistance to getting started each day that i rolled up my yoga mat and have been using it as a back rest in my bed.

The first day, I was right there. But by day two I was already finding excuses not to start. And this time I know my reluctance is not laziness. The resistance is a natural reaction to the changing energy in my energy system. This Kundalini yoga is powerful yoga and it is already doing its work. I was resisting, not because I’m lazy or bad, but because the yoga is that good.

I could feel the difference in my energy field as soon as I’d completed one practice. I couldn’t even get through the entire time set for the kryia, but I did my honest best. And what I am saying is that even that small amount of kundalini yoga made a difference in my body/mind and spirit–and in my life circumstances as a result of the shift.

It has been very healing, but it has not been fun to go through the massive cleansing process created by this practice. I feel very grateful for the help and support received over the past few weeks, and grateful to recognize detox when I see it.

Day 15 or day 1—it seems like the same day. I am stronger and more grounded than I think I have ever been because I didn’t give up when I couldn’t be perfect—whatever that means. When I could not bring myself to the mat or think about doing a formal practice I could at least chant a single Ong Namo.

So I did what I could. I chanted whatever mantra would come out of my heart, from that field of Kuru where the yoga actually takes place.

Day One caused my life to be stirred up. So my practice was to try to keep a calm center while I put the pieces of my world back together in a way that would be more conducive to the life I truly want to live.

Meanwhile, I chanted the Ang Sang mantra as much as I could even though I could not do the full kriya. The mantra was like a fulcrum and as long as I kept in the eye of it and trusted that this commotion was just a cosmic detox, I was okay,

My poetic translation of Ang Sang Wahe Guru is this: every cell of my being resonates with divine light–the light from the beginning of all created things and how glorious is the light that leads me from darkness to the source of life,

It is a powerful chant when sung with all your heart, or even listened to if your heart is too broken to sing.

Today I am able to chant; maybe I will be able to do the arm motions and breathe fire along with the rest of the group later on.

All I’m saying is that when I begin a 40 day practice with an intention for good, I am going to ease up on myself and appreciate the work being done on or off the formal yoga format of the kriya and count the days of good, honest intent to practice as [art of the process.

I will do my very best to keep up, but it may take time between attempts to digest and incorporate all the energetic changes happening as a result of the bits I can do,

I could make a game of it and call it :Where is the Yoga Working in My Life Today? I could point out (to myself) that it is working on this attitude or that, or this physical or financial problem.

It is a little like watching an inner network buzzing with life, watching the lessons repair one broken connection after.

It is impossible to verbalize, yet I have been talking about it for quite a while.

It boils down to this: If you are like me, you will benefit in the multitudinous levels of the life you are living. The yoga you do will make a signal and the universe (for dire lack of an adequate word) will respond as only a living thing responds.

It is not like putting coins in a jukebox; yoga and its benefits is e a living and breathing experience, limited by nothing, boundless in love.

The Story Stealer

Do we need to believe in stories and their charm, their power to transform?

If we did not believe in stories, we would not be meeting here.

I believe in stories as much as I believe in color and texture, taste and all the other senses by which we know we are.

I like being. I don’t want to be nothing like some say is blissful. How could it be bliss if it is nothing?

I know. Some refer to no self as merging with divinity and I can handle that because divinity is all inclusive. You don’t lose anything but boundaries on your freedom to experience life and death.

But to say that we ought to deny the stories of our lives? How ghastly.

I mean, seriously ghost like.

Tell the stories! For goodness sake.

Keep life the love of your dreams and live.

Stone Lions

I was being evicted, unjustly. A tyrant had burst into my home and found a litter box and said I had to leave because I had a cat.

He was screaming; the veins in his head were bulging and angry.

Another man came and sat on the floor beside me. He said he could help me buy a home so I would not have to rent. It sounded too good to be true.

He had to run out to his car because his baby was crying. He brought the baby in and put her beside me by the window. She was in a car seat. I was disturbed when I uncovered her and saw that she was a mechanical baby and not real because this man obviously thought his baby was real.

I was forced out of the house by the army and went across the street to an abandoned house where my friends were waiting to offer support. The cats found their was there too.

But I know the police would come for me and the did. I was wearing a long, red velvet robe with black trim. I was naked underneath.

I told my friends to save the two stone lions that were in the window guarding me. I told them I still wanted to keep the Lions even if I had to surrender to the authoroties.

There were two other main themes of betrayal, but I won’t go into them here.

It Is So Easy To Be At Ease

I am light.

At my core, I am light.

I am energy. At my core I am free.

Every cell of my body is made of this light

and every morning, I remember my true nature.

Every cell of my body remembers truth

and vibrates accordingly, washing away falsity with waves

and waves of light.

When illness or fatigue surfaces, I can easily and objectively

recognize it, treat myself with lovingkindness and tune into the

light that I am at my core.

I don’t have to control this light; I trust it.

I know who I am. I am love.

Love is the energy that propels me onward.

Love is the energy that holds me close and protects me.

I am light. Light is love is action. I know who I am.

I know just what I need to do at each moment of the day or night.

I draw on the light and energy that is alive and well at my core; I invite the light and love that I am at my core to flow through every aspect of my life here and now.

I trust the intelligence that scatters the stars and stacks the grains of sand in the sea to take care of my needs. I can let go of all anxiety and float on a sea of light, carried by waves of love in an ocean that says, :I am…I am…I am. and all is well.

I am, I am, I am, and all is well.

I am, I am, I am, and all is well.

I am a conduit of light. I can be of service just as I am. I am good for the planet and good for my community. I am light. I remember who I am and act accordingly.

It is so easy to be me. It is so easy to be.

 ” tayatha om bekandze bekandze maha bekandze radza samudgate soha.”

— The Medicine Buddha Chant

(Poetic translation: It’s like this: Freedom from all suffering in mind, body and spirit, great and small suffering gone, like a kingdom of abundant joy, this is the medicine of enlightenment; this is the medicine on your lips and in your throat as you chant. All beings benefit.)